Condi Rice Condi Rice is so called "Chain.Myan.女.Long" Anita Mui - 梅艷芳.Her dad is Gerorge Bush senior - the head of USA darkest national machine CIA. She was on purposely planted inside Taiwan by American werewolves - CIA to finish all Chinese good remaining. That how she was spied me and destroyed my gifted and talent since I was a prettiest baby (I had that black and white picture, I could not believe that prettiest baby face was me.). She was raised in my p 裝潢arents next door neighbor that slaved by American werewolves, that neighbor house master last name "Jane"-簡, her husband last name "Done"-鄧, that neighbor family headed by 簡, therefore, Condi Rice at that form name 簡阿甘; American werewolves slaved underground chained slavery terrors tool me to train 簡阿甘-Condi Rice the coldest hard way, that how my face was totally destro 濾桶yed even before I could know how to call dad or mom (That how any place I went, there's no mirror, the first time I saw my face from the mirror was when I was old enough tall enough to know how to reach a very small mirror that clip on wall that my mom used to see if her hair comb good enough to go out, I don't remember how old I was at that time, I only remember when I saw the mirror, I could not b 房屋出租elieve what I saw was myself; the face showed in that mirror full of scars, but it was still too pretty for that no self-esteem poor little girl. That can tell you how cruelty I was treated since I was born. How cruelty to my dear parents . Why my parents rather die to live to watch me to be murdered the most cruelty slowest hairstandingly.) , that how I could not dare walk before I was 3 years old, that how I was blinded to be 西裝 placed inside bomboo forest where full of the poison green snakes; they trained 簡阿甘 broken my forehead even she was too young to be old enough to go to pre-school, they train 簡阿甘to broken my forehead a big hole than abused their USA super powerful tech to plant unknown chip or chips or whatever material inside my head in order to read my mind and destroy all my gifted talent; that hole was so big that almost cost my life. My memorial 開幕活動 was totally destroyed, therefore, I can only rely on my heart to sense, that how I can tell through Holy Ghost help. Before I was sent to "8.Do.Gwall.Mean.小學", I did not remember I ever seen any book or pen, that means I was learn all "Drew.Inn.Fool.How" and Chinese writing after I was sent to that public elementary. I remember the first year I was ranked 27 or 17, but I was ranked the second when I was third grade. After my parents left their blood behind I wa 房屋出租s thrown from one American werewolves slaved house to another American werewolves slaved house, until no one wants to do anything to me any more, then, I was sent to "華興育幼院", a place darkly occupied by American werewolves in order to make Chinese against Chinese from the very beginning, at that time "華興育幼院" was a boarding school for pre-K to grade 9, it was said an orphantage, but most of the kids there were not indeed orphans, American werewolves those parents to t 部落格ool their kids there to tool those no parents helpless classmates. When I was sent there, Condi Rice-簡阿甘 already there with big powerful and forceful American werewolves sticks waiting for me, at there, she no long be called 簡阿甘, she has many forms already even at that early stage, the forms in "華興育幼院" she had or has that I can sense are: 張毛毛 陳欣 周方梅 李菊花. I don't hate Condi Rice, that how I can do better than her; but I do think she should commit suicide (To show she can app 部落格ly that "Chu.Sheng.Boot.Rule" plus "Noon.Child.Boot.Rule" crimes to herself equally to seek absolute righteous "Mold.丈" point.), because she cannot have anyone dare kill her, she cannot have that good luck to starve to die. Her parents are certainly be locked deepest darkest because of her crimes, however, her heaviest crime not because she cruelly after me, her heaviest crime is she can have that shameless cold cold hard to abuse her dark side force to seat in public office (It is "Chu.Sheng.Boot.Rule" plus "Noon.Chi 網路行銷ld.Boot.Rule" crimes,) to eat powerless helpless desperate tax payers public fund (That how you need to seal your border, not to allow anyone from entering Taiwan again, you can allow anyone to leave, but not to allow anyone to come or back again, otherwise, you have no way off Ameircan werewolves slavery chain. You are slaved by American werewolves, you have no way to see day light.) to slave them and around the world.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .

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